Holiday Gift Ideas

14 Δεκεμβρίου, 2016

Whether it is someone special, friend, family, co-workers or clients, Ktima Christoudia gift baskets will leave them a lasting impression. Share the distinctive character of Cyprus with unique gifts and handmade products.

Traditional Basket

traditional cypriot basket

All these traditional products were made at the winery, making it the perfect gift for a special one who appreciates local products.

What it’s inside? Spourtiko, Rose Maratheftiko, chocolate shoushoukos bites, shoushoukos, almond bites and raisins.

 Our price: €25

deluxe_transA wine and dine basket that’s sure will impress!! It includes some of our most deluxe products making it a premium wine experience in a box. It also includes the signature of the pioneer of this special wine.

What’s inside? Alexia, Cabernet Sauvignon,  corkscrew, chocolate, shoushoukos chocolate bites.

Our price: €45



Holiday snack

snack holiday basket

Perfect for night-ins with good company in front of the fireplace, this beautiful basket contains local snacks and two of our best-selling wines.

What’s inside? Xinisteri wine, a small bottle of Armonia 4, honey, shoushoukos, chocolate, crackers, jam.

Our price: €30

Healthy heart


In Ktima Christoudia we know how important is healthy living and quality dietary choices. This basket is ideal for those who are looking for healthy ingredients that keep your heart strong.

What’s inside? Cabernet Sauvignon, organic honey, dark chocolate.

Our price: €20

Chocolate lover

lovechocolate basketA delicious basket carefully stuffed with products which complement each other, make it the perfect gift for all the chocolate lovers out there.

What’s inside? Armonia 4, chocolate, shoushoukos chocolate bites.

Our price: €20

Please note: If you have questions or wish to customize the baskets or you are interested for corporate gifts please contact us at marketing@ktimachristoudia.com

Ordering information:

To place your order or for additional information please call us at 00357-99813075 or email us at marketing@ktimachristoudia.com.

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